Fun with The Family
25th December 2017
View at Soufriere
26th December 2017

Kwame – Jacob and his young people tour

T wo buses pick up young people ready to travel half way round the Island. I was very happy when Jacob invited me to come along with the young people.

Thirty of them, all of them were very happy and looking forward to it, laughing and chatting away and also joking. One young girl could not stop smiling. Both buses stopped in Roseau town the young people got off to do their shopping. It took them all half an hour and I was surprised.

We left town to go to our next destination. I did speak to Kwame a bus driver, he said he loved his job. We stopped at Champion at Scotshead, where we found very nice beach, with lots of fisher men and also tourists who came to visit Scosthead.
Both seas joined here, one is the Atlantic and the other is the Caribbean Sea. All the young people got off to enjoy the day.

I spoke to a tourist who said he loved coming to Dominica he said everyone is nice on the Island and he loved meeting people. There is so much you can do in Scottshead, like going to Soufriere Bay, meeting the local and having a nice glass of rum punch. You can try the hot springs bubble which comes under sea, must say it’s nice, you can stay all day. It all depends on how you feel, all the young people decided to have a swim in the sea. An hour after they cooked a nice meal, a few hours later we all packed up were ready to go home.

I must say it was a nice day travelling with the young person and also meeting the teacher who put a lot of work in looking after them.

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