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5th January 2018
Beautiful view of Soufriere
5th January 2018

Dominica is a Green Paradise

Dominica Is a Green Paradise.

Y ou will hear some people from other countries say that Dominica is a small Island.

Yes, Dominica is a small island and we are proud of our country. Dominica has 365 rivers – the largest is the Layou River – and rainforests and Hummingbirds.  

To cover more ground it’s be best that you start early in the morning around 8 AM. You will stop in different locations, your guide will explain all the places, you can then stop to have something to eat, and be on the move again. 

In the Day time if you are lucky you can watch the Hummingbirds going from tree to tree; make sure to have your camera ready to take a photo. You can also take photos at the national park where you will see many different type of trees, all trees having a meaning.

Some of the trees that can be found on the island are very old. Which brings to mind the old saying – if you hug a tree it gives you its energy. To tell the truth I hugged some trees and I feel okay. There is so much you can do here and so many places you can go. Green and pleasant land of Dominica, I am proud of my country.

I have been travelling forwards and backwards  to Dominica, which is my birth place, and still haven’t been able to travel around the entire island, only part of it. Even a fair bit of residents of the island haven’t travelled around the whole island of Dominica.

The best people you need to ask if you want to travel are the bus drivers. On the other-hand you can hire a taxi, some taxi’s might charge you more but it all depends on where you want to go.

Once you have done all your travelling you have to call it a day.  I have tried it myself multiple times my beautiful birth place of Dominica and my beautiful island of Dominica what more can I say, I Love it!

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