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4th January 2018
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The Kalinago People are very friendly

Kalinago People are very friendly

Take a trip to Kalinago –  you can pick a bus at river bank into town. The bus runs at river bank into town. The bus runs from Castle Bruce to Marigot, it will take an hour. Or you can hire a taxi if you wish. when heading to Kalinago you will notice how green the place is and very open, you will come across some small and big houses and also a house which is built on top of the hill, and some small and big house and also a house built on top of the hill, and some chat which is at the side of the road. Kalinago people are very friendly, you will come across Kalinago ladies making baskets, also some men too. If you fancy staying a night or two you can book yourself a hotel, it’s up to you. You can mix with the locals, go fishing or play dominoes. 

I must say Kalinago men love their rum, straight or with a little water or soft juice. You can try it yourself, straight from the bottle. While you’re there pay a visit to the Kalinago chief who also owns a guest house; his name is Charles, he will be happy to speak to you. I must say there is no night club, you will only find some bars open on the side roads playing music. If you want to party, you must go to town or Portsmouth. The Kalinago people love their cricket which is played on Saturday or Sunday. It’s all dependant on the weather; if it rains a lot the cricket is cancelled. If there’s no cricket, you will see the ladies play rounders. There is so much you can do in a day – so enjoy, have fun and have a laugh with the Kalinago people.

Competition Winner:

Voters words of praise for some other drivers: 

Richard George – Takes people to Grand fond, is a wonderful man. He has a lot of patience, jokes on the bus, and is a considerate and a good driver.

Hyrum Charles – I think if this competition was 5 years ago I would have said Hyrum. Bless that man he was so caring put himself out for his customers. From Colihaut to Roseau his happy persona made for a comfortable ride. They broke the mould when he retired. He shouldn’t be the drivers benchmark.


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