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11th May 2019
King’s Hill in West Dominica
12th May 2019

Mero Beach

Mero beach is the best beach in Dominica


For all those who have never been to Dominica be sure to a take trip to Mero beach and try the local bar and restaurants by the shore.


Mero beach is a must to visit if you’re in Dominica


Get a guide to show you around
Bus drivers also act as local guides around the area and can help you find interesting spots you can visit.

On your way to Mero Beach

Take a swim in the sea or walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Make sure you have a guide with you to show you and your family or loved ones around.

Your guide will  give you tour around Mero beach and some history about the locale.

If you want to stay overnight, your guide will be the best person to help you find suitable accommodations.

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