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18th December 2017
Colihaut After Tropical Storm Erika
20th December 2017

Positive Vibes

Being positive with yourself

E veryone has got negativity in themselves, even I have got negativity in myself too, but I push that away and think good things, it’s hard. To stay positive is a good thing and it works with the universe, ok I will explain it to you. If you want a car or a ring what- ever it is, write it down and stick it on your fridge so every day you look at what you want and say to yourself I want this car, I am going to get this car no matter what this car is going to be mine. Right now you have got a picture of the car in your mind no matter what you ask for you will get it no matter how small it is it will work, it’s has happened to me and my friends.

Also you must relax your mind, have time for yourself, it hard to, but by you relaxing and thinking good things, it will work being positive. Every morning you say to yourself it’s going to be a good day, if you think bad, bad will be with you all day, sometimes the reason why things happen we don’t know.

By being positive with yourself and with other people you will notice the difference, let me explain it to you…. I was in Roseau, I was watching a homeless man asking for food, he went and asked a man to buy him something to eat, the young man shouted at the homeless man saying no I am not spending my money on you, so I went and bought the homeless man something to eat and drink he was so happy with what I got him. He said I was blessed.

Two days after, I saw the homeless man again he came to me and gave me 4 dollars and told me to buy myself a drink which I did. So you see what I mean, no matter how small it is you always get a reward at the end, the sun will shine on you all day by being positive and having good thoughts and think good on other people don’t worry if they say bad things on you, just be yourself and think good and you will be blessed.

To everyone who is reading this may god bless you all and may your day be good…

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