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Sineku Trust is a charity organisation

Established to help support the elderly


Our objective is to support the elderly. By helping them in becoming more independent and stable in their day to day life.

The Trust will be opening up a day centre for the elderly and also for young mothers and children who need support.

You will find that quite of lot of elderly people live on their own and are stuck because they can not travel without aid.

Day Centre

Planning day trips for the elderly, along with mothers with children that can not travel. These activities will only take place on the weekends.

During the week there will be planned programmes and activities within the day centre that everyone can participate in.

Lunch and Tea will also be provided.

Bus Transport

We will use buses as means of transporting the elderly from their home to the day centre and then back home.


The management team is broken down into various departments. One manager will over see each group.

Youth Manager

The Youth Manager will be responsible for the young people. 

He will be responsible for managing the staff who will be working within that department and recruiting suitable and qualified people that have been properly vetted to work with young children. 

Elderly Manager

The assistant manager will be in charge of helping the elderly and we oversee the staff responsible for their care. 

She will be responsible for organizing most of the day to day activities as well as planning the trips for both groups 

Both staff will be working in the office which is to be launched.

The Trust is sponsored by Pastor Andy Eze of Peculiar People Ministries

Email: info@peculiarpeopleministries.org