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King’s Hill in West Dominica
12th May 2019
Pastor Andy of Peculiar Peoples Ministries
29th May 2019

Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers

A game in which a message is distorted by being passed around in a whisper.


Dominican people like to talk about other people not all of them some of them, you cannot do anything without them saying anything about you or someone else, they will examine you from head to foot like an X-ray to see what you are wearing and who you are speaking to and what you are cooking and who is coming round for food, and what you wearing for church and so on.

 I heard someone saying look at this lady Mary look what she is wearing Papa the trouser is too tight on her mama where she is going with that, but the two woman watching her what colour is her trousers and so on, but she will not talk about herself, with her short skirt and her tummy role over her skirt and she think she look nice, come on woman think about what you are wearing and leave the poor woman alone.

Dominican people never mind their own business they have nothing better to say then talk about other people, one will pass by to visit a another friend saying hello Mary how are you, you okay and Sue will reply saying I am okay Mary, now the news starts 

Mary will say to sue please don’t say nothing but I saw your husband jack speaking to another woman I don’t know he was saying to her but he had his arm around her shoulder and both of them was laughing.

Come on woman you don’t know what they conversation about.

People take things the wrong way and make it into a big thing.

The poor man will come home and Sue will start saying “someone told me you were speaking to a woman and you had your arm around her shoulder and you both were laughing.”

Jack asks “who told you that?”.

Sue replies “John’s wife”

Jack explains,” I was speaking to she was telling she won the lottery and I was happy for her and I put my arm around her shoulder, and she told me to bring my wife and we all can go for a meal and I will pay, so that was when I laughed” 

Now you see what I mean that what you called Chinese whisper, People take things the wrong way all because one person who twisted the whole thing around and make it to a big thing.

No matter what you all say about other people your turn will come and someone will talk about you, so be good to people because it can be you.

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