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12th May 2019
29th May 2019

Pastor Andy of Peculiar Peoples Ministries

Pastor Andy explains to me how he became a pastor 

This is his story

Pastor Andy was called to the ministry as  a young person very early  from the age 7 years old he knew he was going to be a preacher for the Lord. When he told his mother he had decided to become a preacher, his mother encouraged him to go to complete college before following his passion

However as a student he found it very difficult to stay on the righteous path, youth, peer pressure and the demands of academic achievement led him astray.

It was when he was about to graduate he came back to Jesus and started preaching  at 19 years He joined a fellowship and began training on pastorship. After he came a pastor he returned back to academics seeking university. 

He shared his time between these two institutions studying and preaching part time at his local church. When he was graduated he became a pastor a church full time for a while but in less then one year the lord called him to go into business.

For many years he worked at brokerage firm. He was interested in the finance industry and later became a successful mortgage consultant with employees after starting his own mid-sized business from the ground-up.

In 2009, God spoke to him saying “Build me a house.”

And with those words he relinquished his business and went back to preaching. He had to start small. For many years he ran bible studies and prayer meetings from his house until he was able to finally set up a church which he then named “Church of Peculiar Ministries”

Pastor Andy is also into healing ministry. God called him to heal the sick and make disciples in all nations in the world. Pastor Andy believes in sharing the word of God without borders and frquently invites guest pastors, ministers and preachers from America to sermonize at his church.

It was very nice listening to pastor Andy.

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