Pastor Andy of Peculiar Peoples Ministries
29th May 2019
Sineku Trust and The Kalinago People
29th June 2019


“It’s nice to see young men
taking part in farming and
growing their own fruits
and vegetables”

It’s hard work and you have to know what your doing, when it comes to farming.

Young farmer

I spoke to a young man who told me that he became a farmer because there was no other work for him. So he took up farming which as it turns out he loves.

I asked him questions about the sorts of plants he grows on his farm and he explains that he grows all types of crops from sweet potato, sweet peppers, cabbage, tanya, parsley, cucumber and a wide range of fruits.

I asked him how long does it takes to grow and he said 3 to 6 months depending.

When all his vegetables are ready he takes them to the market and sells them.

It was so nice speaking to the young man I was so happy for him and he always had a smile on his face

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