6th January 2018
Mero Beach
11th May 2019

Would you ever cheat on your woman?

I asked three men. ‘Would you ever cheat on your ladies?’

This is what they said –

This is what the first man said to me: 

‘I love my girlfriend so much I wouldn’t do anything like that. It would hurt her, and she would leave me if she found out.’ I asked him – ‘have you ever bought her flowers or a gift?’ He said ‘if I brought her flowers she will say why am I buying her flowers. I know my woman, I know what she’s like, so I decided to buy her a diamond ring and we are getting married next year.’ 

– Congratulations to the couple

I asked a second man, a young man from Portsmouth: 

‘Would you ever cheat on your lady?’ 

He says ‘Look at me‘ and laughs. 

He told me, ‘It’s my lady who is cheating on me and I still take her back.’ He told me yes, I do look at other women and to tell you the truth I don’t cheat on my lady. He said, ‘Which Dominican man don’t cheat on their lady?’ 

He also asked ‘what about the ladies? Don’t they cheat on their men?’

I asked a third man, a young man from castle Bruce in his 30’s: 

‘Would you ever cheat on your lady and if you did what would she say?’ This is what he said to me – ‘why is it me you ask? All the men who are around me and it’s me you ask!’ 

The answer is – ‘Yes, why not? If I see a nice lady, looking good and nice long legs – you want me to say no? Not me boy. When she sees me, she has to run to me and plus I don’t have a woman and if I did and I ever cheat on her I know she will hit me with a pot on my head like my ex.’ 

So I ask again: ‘So you do cheat on your lady?’ He looks at me and laughs. ?

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